Beauty Shifting: Excitement

It is a gift to be fearless and excited about what each breath brings us and the opportunity to shift as needed. I am grateful for these gifts.   I am excited to be once again creating and curating with a vision and intention to shift beauty standards, perceptions and, barriers.  It such an exciting time to illuminate the beauty advances and opportunities afforded to us at this moment in time.

Beauty advice is typically sough after, after the fact.   How many beauty disasters could you have prevented if there was a qualified person that you trusted to guide you?   How many drastic emotional and erratic beauty decisions have you made.  We, myself included, fall victim to the conditioning of beauty standards that create illusions that prey on our insecurities  and emotional whims.  Devoid of authentic beauty, we find un palatable challenges to our limited  and simplistic perspectives of beauty.   The messaging that has shaped many of us in the language of comparison and contrast.

Beauty advice often begins from a place of lack.  “If you want this you should try this, or some sort of self loathing perspective fueld by an illusion of compare and contrast.  The reality is this, Authenticity + Individuality = Undeniable Beauty.  Our external and outward beauty are uniquely ours alone.  

There are specific habits, regimens, and information that must be customized specifically for each of us to confidently nurture  and care for our hair.

  There have been small gains but monumental shifts in the diverse beauty representation landscape with regards to product development for various hair types and texture.  our global world can no longer deny the visual of, the majesty of ebony toned skin to the spell binding beauty of piercing blue eyes. because we believe it must be acted upon with some drastic change or belief system.

We all must assume responsbiliy of “beauty shifting” by tending to our individual and customized needs. 

Once the perspective shifts ,the industry will be forced to shift.

 The most important thing for hair health is your overall health and general well being., here we will dive into shifting our habits, beliefs, and health one breath at a time.

I am excited that this platform is happening organically and coinciding with the launce of my website and my participation with the my legendary Natural Trendsetters Family at their annual Royals Coils 19th Annual Beauty Expo.  

(If you are in the area please join us for a day of shifting beauty standards, beliefs , and behaviors., come excite, educate , and empower yourself with knowledge and tools designed to aide int this shift. I will be a featured guest panelist,)

My passion and expertise offers education and practical solutions for your to be in the fore front of both knowing an unknowing factors that cause shifts in the condition and quality of our hair fibers and scalp health. 

My goal is to offer a road map founded in hair prevention and retention to retain the quality of hair that was intended for you for the length of your life span.

This plat form will explore how the 7h's of hair, heredity, hormomes, health, healing (medications/supplements) hunger, hassles(stressors) and habits impact the condition impact your hair health. we come to discuss preventive ways to keep the 7 H’s of hair loss at bay. 

I will occasionally shift our focus inwardly to do the work of shifting our beliefs to allow us to bask in the l genius of our spirit’s purpose.

Authenitc Beauty is all around us, so much so that it’s value appears diminished

I am excited to shift beauty,  will you join me?